AUSTIN (February 20, 2015) ­­− Texas Board of Legal Specialization (TBLS) announced that Michael S. Mitchell received Board Certification in the area of Consumer Bankruptcy Law. Mr. Mitchell currently practices in Plano, Texas where he is part of the firm of DeMarco∙Mitchell, PLLC.

Board Certification is a voluntary designation program certifying Texas attorneys in 21 specific areas of law. Board Certified attorneys must be licensed for at least five years, devote a required percentage of practice to a specialty area for at least three years, attend continuing education seminars, pass an evaluation by fellow lawyers and judges and pass a 6-hour written examination.

“An attorney has to do something extra to get certified and then they have to continue to work and acquire knowledge in their specialty area to remain certified. You could say it is a life-long commitment,” said R. Hal Moorman, Chairman of the TBLS Board of Directors.

Mr. Mitchell is a 1993 graduate of Texas Tech University School of Law. He has been a partner in DeMarco∙Mitchell, PLLC since 2009 and was licensed by the State Bar of Texas in 1993.

Board Certification is offered in 21 specific areas of law to attorneys. Initial certification is valid for five years. To remain certified attorneys and paralegals must apply for recertification every five years and meet substantial involvement, peer review and continuing legal education requirements for their specialty area.

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