Other Federal Exemptions


Insurance Proceeds

Crop insurance proceeds

Federal Government Contractors

Death and Disability

War risk hazard of employees of government contractors outside the United States

Federal Government Employees

Death and Disability

Compensation for work injuries suffered by government employee

Death and Disability

Public safety officer death benefits

Survivor’s Benefits

Annuities for survivors of certain judicial officials of the United States.

Survivor’s Benefits

Lighthouse workers

Survivor’s Benefits

Government accountability office service annuity

Retirement Benefits

CIA employees

Retirement Benefits

Civil service employees

Retirement Benefits

Foreign service employees


Indian Lands

Lands held in trust by the federal government for Indians

Klamath Settlement

Klamath Indians residing in Oregon


Retirement Benefits

Medal of honor recipient retirement benefits

Life Insurance

Military group life insurance


Military deposits in savings accounts while on permanent duty overseas

Retirement Benefits

Military service employee’s retirement benefits

Survivor’s Benefits

Military service employee’s survivor’s benefits

Retirement Benefits

Military veteran’s benefits


Death and Disability

Death and disability monies for the benefit of longshoremen and harbor workers

Railroad Workers

Retirement Benefits

Railroad worker’s retirement benefits

Unemployment Benefits

Railroad worker’s unemployment benefits



Seamen’s clothing


Seamen’s wages, while at sea and pursuant to a written contract


Seamen’s wages — attachment


Federal Benefits

Federal benefits exempt from offset of government liability

Federal Benefits

FEMA benefits

Retirement Benefits

Social security

Student Loans

Student loan proceeds

Unpaid Wages

Seventy five percent (75%) of unpaid wages