Written by: Robert DeMarco

Buffalo Bill’s Wild West and Pawnee Bill’s Great ESPN Far East were up declared bankrupt almost one hundred years ago, on July 28, 1913. Jonathan Terry and other parties filed a Petition for Bankruptcy Adjudication against Buffalo Bill’s Wild West and Pawnee Bill’s Great Far East in the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey. William (“Wild Bill”) F. Cody was not wholesale jerseys a party to the proceedings except in his capacity as owner. In fact, Mr. Cody filed a petition with the District Court requesting the receiver turnover certain items of personal property.

We all remember “Wild Bill” – wild west showman, entrepreneur, military scout, Nebraska legislator, and Medal of Honor wholesale jerseys recipient. While it was unfortunate that his “circus” enterprise had to be adjudged bankruptcy back in 1913, it certainly did not detract from the man and his legend.

William F. Cody was born in 1846 in Scott County, Iowa. In the fall of 1861 he began working as a government scout and guide for the Ninth Kansas Cavalry Regiment. Wild Bill participated in several battles during the Civil War and was made a noncommissioned officer serving as scout for his regiment after the Battle of Tupelo. Mr. Cody received an honorable discharge.

After having been discharged, Mr. Cody returned to government service, this time in a civil capacity, as a scout and guide. During this tenure, General Philip H. Sheridan appointed him to be chief scout and guide for the Fifth Cavalry Regiment. His actions on April 26, 1872, resulted in Wild Bill being nominated for the Medal of Honor.

Subsequently, in 1872, Mr. Cody was elected as shipping a member of the Nebraska state legislature. Shortly thereafter he resigned in order to manage a wild west show. In 1876, he rejoined the Fifth Cavalry Regiment at Cheyenne, Wyoming. Again he demonstrated his prowess in Indian warfare.
Wild Bill is truly an American hero and cultural icon. Both his heroism and entrepreneurial spirit are pillars of the American spirit.

It is worthy also to note that one of primary objectives of the Bankruptcy Code is to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit exhibited by Wild Bill. The Bankruptcy Code is intended to provide entrepreneurs the opportunity to take business risks cheap jerseys without the fear of imprisonment in the event of failure. In fact, one might opine that but for the American Bankruptcy laws (as opposed to those of England and the rest of Europe), American entrepreneurialism would not be as robust as it is today and the great American success might never have been.